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Production & Assembly

Our production & assembly department is ISO 9001:2015 certified. We maintain the highest standards when you choose to partner with us for the solutions you require.  Our goal is to ensure you receive a product that has been tried — tested— and verified before it is shipped from any of our warehouses. Our team can assist with everything from component selection, design assistance, programming, labeling, tracking, kitting and testing. With dedicated stock of the components you require we've got you covered!

Common Services

⦿ Compressors 

⦿ Regulators

⦿ Tube Sets

⦿ VMA's

⦿ APA's 

⦿ Cable Harnesses

⦿ Cylinder Sensors

And More


What delays components once they arrive at your facility? Let us streamline the process for you!

Every product that passes through our production follows/includes manufacturing router. This ensures correct parts are pulled and the finished product maintains quality.

KITTING is advantageous because it allows our customers to create one PO - no need to provide a separate order or do inventory on multiple components.

Tired of long lead times?
In response to supply chain issues that are commonplace today, one of our  key vendors - Baumer has
taken on extra US stock of a number of common sizes and sensing ranges of proximity sensors to help
customers that are experiencing limited availability from other companies.

TECO Technology is on the move!

We are pleased to announce that TECO Technology is moving our corporate
offices, warehouse, assembly & machining operations to better serve all our customers. After almost 30 years at our Pleasanton location, TECO’s business operation has outgrown our two facilities there, and we are moving and consolidating into a new larger facility....