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Programming & Design

From stand alone programming to full system design our team is both skilled and experienced. We've had customers come to us with concepts or upgrade requirements where we work to identify components and sequencing that turn ideas into working products. On the flip side, there are times when we are tasked with control systems, logical sequencing, software development, electrical selections, and the like. We are prepared to step up at any stage during the process to assist you. 

Common Services

⦿ Logical Sequences

⦿ Program Configuration

⦿ Commissioning of Products

⦿ Pre load Custom Settings 

⦿ Drawing of Machined Parts

⦿ Modeling & Manufacturing Documents

⦿ Software Development

⦿ Electrical Selection

⦿ Wiring 

⦿ Mechanics

Tired of long lead times?
In response to supply chain issues that are commonplace today, one of our  key vendors - Baumer has
taken on extra US stock of a number of common sizes and sensing ranges of proximity sensors to help
customers that are experiencing limited availability from other companies.

TECO Technology is on the move!

We are pleased to announce that TECO Technology is moving our corporate
offices, warehouse, assembly & machining operations to better serve all our customers. After almost 30 years at our Pleasanton location, TECO’s business operation has outgrown our two facilities there, and we are moving and consolidating into a new larger facility....