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we know pneumatics

For TECO Technology, Pneumatics is the rebar within our foundation! We have 80+ years combined experience supporting accurate product selection and sizing for your unique application requirements. We partner with numerous manufacturers to procure the best products for you. Lean on us when it comes to selection, knowledge, and experience. Call on us when you require quality design, assembly and production.


⦿  Pneumatic Valves

⦿  General Purpose Valves

⦿  Fieldbus Electronics

⦿  Medical/Analytical Valves

⦿  Process Valves

⦿  Actuators

⦿  Liquid Level Sensors

⦿  Air Prep

⦿  Compressors & Vacuum Pumps

⦿  Vacuum Products

⦿  Tubing Fittings & Accessories

⦿  Air Motors


TECO HQ is home to a state of the art services department! We take pride in getting you a finished solution that has been tested to the highest standards. 

Our services starts the moment you buy a component, but it doesn't stop there....