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WE KNOW 80/20

As your premier distributor for 80/20 we have access to 8,500 parts to help you create from. What makes TECO the right vendor to partner with is our incredible team of design engineers and our state of the art production facilities and warehouses along the pacific. From concept to creation we have worked on large scale projects with high quantities to smaller single unit builds. There's a reason we've been awarded top distributor of 80/20 products - let us show you why!


⦿ Extrusions

⦿ Fastening Methods

⦿ Panels & Doors

⦿ Floor to Frame

⦿ Joining Plates

⦿ Add On Components

Maintain Safe Interactions

Handshakes might be forbidden, but safe interactions can still happen. As people continue to re-enter the workforce and other public spaces, 80/20 provides custom barrier guards that keep us apart but, more importantly, a part of daily interactions.

From easy-to-clean aluminum profiles to durable acrylic panels and endless fastening options, you’ll find the exact barrier configuration you need by downloading a free copy of the Workspace Barrier Guide today.


TECO HQ is home to a state of the art services department! We take pride in getting you a finished solution that has been tested to the highest standards. 

Our services starts the moment you buy a component, but it doesn't stop there....



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