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Your applications are unique - so are our actuators

Compact Rotary Actuator

Rotomation's compact rotary actuators are designed for applications where high torque in a small space is important. Their unitized construction minimizes space requirement and provides a clean appearance.

Indexing Actuators

The Rotomation indexer is a unique product that will provide reliable, fast, and accurate indexing motion from a compact package that is easily adapted to many applications. Understanding its operation and limitations will ensure success.

Our Indexing Actuators provide unidirectional rotation in fixed precise steps to hard stops. These actuators also prevent backward rotation and feature no accumulating error. All Rotomation indexing actuators feature black-anodized aluminum bodies, precision-ground carbon steel shafts, ball bearings, and stainless steel hardware.

"Special" Custom Actuators

When an off-the-shelf actuator just won't do, we WELCOME the opportunity to design an actuator that fits your application. Our Engineers are eager to understand your application and provide a solution that works for you, not one you have to work around!


Rebuildable, Not Disposable

Since Rotomation's actuators are full rebuildable, restored to "like new" condition, we stock parts and seal repair kits for all our actuators. We are dedicated to the success of our customers and their satisfaction is our focus. If you ever have to return a product to us for a rebuild/repair we will resolve your return as promptly and efficiently as possible to minimize any potential impact on your operations.

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WHO is Rotomation?

Since 1967, Rotomation has maintained its service and product reputation in the manufacture of practical, durable, rotary actuators that produce a variety of shaft motions. All units are assembled to order, and about 40% are special designs. Product development and improvement are never-ending and our service includes telephone support, distributor availability, and repair in our own shop to insure like-new operation.

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