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Weidmuller | PRO ECO 480W 24V 20A | 1469510000

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Power supply, switch-mode power supply unit, 24V

Our PROeco switch-mode power supply units feature  a compact design, high efficiency and are extremely easy to maintain. Thanks to temperature protection, short-circuit and overload resistance they can be universally used in all applications.  Wide-ranging safety functions and compatibility with our diode and capacitance modules, together with UPS components for setting up a redundant power supply, characterize solutions with PROeco.

AC failure bridging time @ Inom > 20 ms @ 230 V AC / > 20 ms @ 115 V AC
Degree of efficiency 91%
Earth leakage current, max. 3.5 mA
Housing version Metal, corrosion resistant
Indication Green LED (Uoutput > 21.6 V DC), Yellow LED (loutput > 90 % IRated typ. ), red LED (overload, overtemperature, short-circuit, Uoutput < 20.4 V DC)
According to Standard SN 29500
Operating time (hours), min. 1,500,000 h
Ambient temperature 25 °C
Input voltage 230 V
Output power 480 W
Duty cycle 100 %
According to Standard SN 29500
Operating time (hours), min. 679,000 h
Ambient temperature 40 °C
Input voltage 230 V
Output power 480 W
Duty cycle 100 %
Max. perm. air humidity (operational) 5 %…95 % RH
Mounting position, installation notice on terminal rail TS 35
Power factor (approx.) > 0.98…230 V AC / > 0.98…115 V AC
Power loss, idling 5 W
Power loss, nominal load 43 W
Protection against over-heating Yes
Protection against reverse voltages from the load 30…35 V DC
Protection degree IP20
Short-circuit protection Yes
Surge voltage category II


ID #: 187542

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