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Lenze | i550 3hp Cabinet Mount VFD | I5DAE222F10V10000S

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The i550 series is the latest simple, yet powerful range of frequency inverters manufactured by Lenze. These frequency inverters are designed for applications such as pumps, fans, and conveyors, traction, winding, forming, tool and hoist drives. They function within the power range of 0.25 to 132 kW. Built with simplicity in mind, the i550 series of frequency inverters feature slim designs measuring from 60mm x 130mm. They are designed to fit into control cabinets easily. System installers can expect a hassle-free installation process and the potential of expansion as various plug-on modules can be added for enhanced functionality. Lenze has built the i550 series with the future in mind. It complies with the EN 50598-2 a standard of energy efficiency factor on power drive systems and motor starter that takes effect in 2020. The frequency inverter features the VFC-ECO energy-saving function to minimize power consumption. Besides the basic functions of a frequency inverter, units from the i550 series are built to work with a wide range of communication interfaces. This includes CANopen, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, POWERLINK, and IO-Link. These communications can be activated by installing the relevant plug-on module. The i550 series of frequency inverters are versatile in setup and parameter configurations. Technicians can utilize the keypad or smartphone app to access the setup menu to configure various motor and application functions on the frequency inverter. Key features of the i550 series.

  • Space saving design: 60 mm wide, 130 mm deep, also zero-clearance mounting.
  • Innovative interaction options enable better set-up times than ever.
  • The wide-ranging modular system enables various product configurations depending on machine requirements.
  • i500 is recommended for applications for pumps, fans and conveyors, traction, winding, forming, tool and hoist drives
Material number 16064863
Inverter product series Power Unit
Type I5DAE222F10V10000S
Rated power 2.2 kW/3 HP
Rated mains voltage 3/PE 400/480 V AC
Output current 5.6/4.8 A
RFI filter Integrated
Enclosure IP20
Mounting location Control cabinet
Inverter i5D2.2/400-3
Weight 1.42 KG


Series Features Include:

  • Space saving design: 2.36" wide, 5.12" deep up to 3hp, fits in a 6" deep cabinet up to 15hp
  • Scalable functionality
  • Ideal for sophisticated speed/torque applications up to 150 hp
  • Protection Rating: IP20
  • Keypad interface module is sold separately
  • Zero-clearance mounting (book-shelfing the drive/mounting side by side) with no derating!
  • Modular system allows for various product configurations
  • Ideal for pumps and fans, conveyors, formers, winders, tool and hoist drives
  • 3 set up methods; keypad, smart keypad-app, EASY starter
  • i550 available with standard I/O (0S) or Application I/O (1S)
  • 200% overload current for short term transient loads, 150% for 60 seconds
  • DC-injection braking
  • V/f controls (linear, quadratic, VF-Ceco)
  • Sensor-less vector control
  • i550: has vector control with feedback
  • i550: Dynamic braking through brake resistance
  • i550: STO - safe torque off
  • i550: CAN-open, Ether-CAT, Ether-Net, I/P, Modbus, PROFIBUS, PROFINET
  • i550: Internal 24VDC, 100mA supply to power your devices
  • i550 supports both PNP/Active High and NPN/Active Low logic

ID #: 180998

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