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IDEC | 22mm XW Estop 40mm Mshrm Scrw Trmnl | XW1E-BV413M-R

The XW series of Emergency Stop switches include a revolutionary new technology called safe break action that will change the way E-Stop switches are designed.

This innovative concept provides greater levels of human safety and is the first of its kind in the world.XW series switches offer up to four safe-break contacts with a depth behind the panel that is half the size of conventional E-Stop switches. This means that there is an additional contact available and the switches can be used in Level 4 safety category applications. The XW E-Stop switches are secured from the rear of the control panel so that the E-Stop cannot be removed from the front. Another unique feature of the XW E-Stop switches is that either a push-turn or push-pull reset method can be used to reset the switches. This eliminates any possible confusion for operators when resetting the switch.

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  • Extremely Reliable
  • .Withstands high stress

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