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Humphrey | Valve 4/2 SS 24DC 10/32 | S410-32-24DC

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Humphrey 310/410 Series valves are versatile, reliable and compact 18-32 ported 3-way and 4-way direct acting solenoid valves designed to meet a variety of pneumatic applications.

Humphrey 310/410 Series valves have a short-stroke balanced poppet design that permits rapid cycling, requires no lubrication, and is more tolerant of impurities in the air system, ensuring positive sealing. The 310 Series valves have a 0.12 CV; the 410 Series valves have a 0.14 CV. Both valves are rated for air and inert gas from vacuum at 28-inches Hg to 125 psig. The continuous duty coil has a power consumption of 4.5 Watts, comes with flying leads and is available in a range of AC and DC voltages. A push, non-locking manual override is standard. Options include DC surge suppression, conduit connector with steel insert molded into the coil, plug-in DIN-type connectors, locking override, and built-in flow controls on the 410 Series valves to save space, weight and the additional cost of external flow controls.

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