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Gast | Repair Kit | K294A

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Gast K294A service/rebuild/repair kit used on oil-less diaphragm models with internal filtration (i.e. DOA-P701-AA). Service kit returns your unit to original factory performance specifications. Recommend for service every 2 years. 1 kit required for DOA models. 2 kits required for DAA models. Service kit includes: Leaf valve, Limiters, O-ring, Gasket, Filter/Muffler Elements. Also recommended for replacement: AF818A (used on pressure models) or AF818B (used on vacuum models).  

AF820 Head gasket 1 EA
AC998A Filter/Muffler element 2 EA
AF857A Filter element 1 EA
BB317 Valve screw 2 EA
AF856 Valve retainer 1 EA
AF817 Leaf valve 2 EA
AF519A Valve retainer 1 EA


Used on Gast models: DOA-P701-AA, DOA-P703-AA, DOA-P701-AC, DOA-P501-BN, DOA-P509-BN, DOA-P501-DB, DOA-P501-DD, DOA-P703-FB, DOA-P501-FD, DOA-P518-FD, DOA-P501-JH, DOA-P501-KH, DOA-P501-JK, DOA-P725A-BN, DOA-V722-AA, DOA-V702-AC, DOA-V502-BN, DOA-V502-DB, DOA-V502-DD, DOA-V502A-FB, DOA-V502A-FD, DOA-V502-JH, DOA-V502-JK, DAA-P501-EB, DAA-P501-ED, DAA-P517-ED, DAA-P513-EG, DAA-P501-GB, DAA-P503-GB, DAA-P501-GD, DAA-P503-GD, DAA-P512-GD, DAA-V505-EB, DAA-V502-EB, DAA-V505-ED, DAA-V502-ED, DAA-V510-EG, DAA-V505-GB, DAA-V507-GB and DOA-P706T-AA.

ID #: 12075

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