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Introducing Sound Shield

One of a kind sound supression technology

This family of pumps and compressors comes with build in sound shield technology designed to reduced the noise of air powered equipment without compromising performance. A quieter, more friendly working environment that increases user comfort and productivity!

a sound investment for your business

reduced noise

Sound Shield delivers up to 25% dB(A) drop and a 40% Sone decrease in perceived loudness at open flow compared to a standard Gast pump.


A Gast compressor or pump upgraded with Sound Shield technology maintains 95% of the air flow of a standard model. Maximum pressure, vacuum, and running temperature are not affected, and product life is maintained.

simple install

Sound Shield technology was designed to be retrofitted in the field or at our facility. For convenience, all parts are kitted -- down to the screws -- and installation takes as little as four steps using common tools.

All in one

Sound Shield is a simple, integrated solution from a single supplier. It eliminates the need to source, purchase, and install additional sound reduction components such as foam insulation, mufflers, covers, or cabinets.


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