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JVL | Servo Motor 400W, Absolute | MAC400-D5-FAGM

Integrated AC Servo Motor 

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Integrated MAC400 servo motor provides more compact machines at lower prices
A unique feature on the market for integrated servo drivers is the JVL MAC400 motor’s provision of both 3 x nominal torque at peak torque and full peak torque at all speeds.
This means that the power of the motor can be fully utilized. Equally important is the fact that in the majority of applications a smaller motor rating can be used, since peak torque is normally only required during acceleration or braking (deceleration).
And this means it is possible to achieve more compact machinery at lower prices. JVL has had these 2 characteristics as key parameters throughout the development of the entire range of MAC Integrated Servo Motors – and triple-torque with flat torque characteristics therefore also applies to the MAC050…141 and MAC800 motors.
Input (Single Phase):




400W (0.53hp) @ 230VAC Supply

400W (0.53hp) @115VAC Supply


 0-3000 RPM


 1.27Nm cont./3.82Nm peak

ID #: 146611

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