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IDEC | Pentra 12 I/O CPU w/ Ethernet | FC5A-D12K1E

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MicroSmart Pentra PLC Family

PLC, number of 12 I/O ports, CPU w/Ethernet, output current 50 A, output type Transistor Sink, Maximum operating temperature 55 degrees celcius

Embedded I/Os  12 (8in/4out)
Operating voltage 24V DC
Allowable voltage range 20.4 to 26.4V DC (including ripple)
Ethernet & USB Yes
Output Transistor Sink
Max No. Expansion Modules 15 (429 digital I/Os)
Max input current 26.4V DC
Max power consumption 26.4V DC
Allowable momentary power interruption 10ms (at 24V DC)

ID #: 68209

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