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Manuli RefriFast Refrigeration - Air Conditioning Hose

The Manuli Refrigeration offer consists of reinforced rubber hoses, fittings, hose assemblies and kits.
SAE J2064 – Type A Class 1

High compact dimensions within Type A hoses. Very flexible and low bending radius.

Product highlights:
  • Extremely low weight
  • Very small bending radius
  • High flexibility and easy routing
  • Good twist and kink tolerance
  • Light in weight, one piece fitting
The Refrigeration offer is designed specifically to satisfy the most restricted requirements for:
  • - bus air conditioning and mobile refrigeration systems for “on-road industrial vehicles”
  • - air conditioning systems applied on off-highway industrial vehicles such as: agricultural machines, earth-moving machines, forestry machines, etc.
A special “field-attachable” fitting technology allowing a convenient mounting and disassembly operation is part of the product offer, in particular:
  • - Frigoclic®fitting range technology

  • - Reusable fitting range technology

Furthermore crimped fitting solutions are completely integrated on all hose lines.


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