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Young Powertech YMR Series Orbital Motor, 20 HP, to 970 RPM

The YMR series motor uses the spool valve shaft distribution design for simplicity, efficiency and compactness. This design integrates the distribution and hydraulic bearing design with the motor shaft.
This series uses the more advanced “ROLLER” gear type. It is manufactured with the most advanced technology and equipment to improve effiency, smoothness, lower leakage and better overall performance.
These motors are very compact, economical, and powerful without the need of a reducer to deliver high torque.
The large number of shaft, flange, port and special options make this a very flexible motor useful for many applications.
Application guidelines:
For optimum results the following working conditions are recommended:

* Oil temperature should be between 20o - 60o C [68o - 180o F]

* Oil filter of 10 - 20 micron

* Oil viscosity 42 - 74 mm2/s CSA at 40o C

* Different shafts are used when there is a radial load or not. Check data pages

* For longer life we suggest the motor at start up, run for a shorter period of time (one hour) at no more than 30% of rated speed and pressure.








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