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Double and Single-Ferrule Stainless/Brass Tube Fittings

Brennan’s Instrumentation Tube Fittings provide leak-proof, torque-free seals at all tubing connections. They eliminate potentially hazardous and expensive leaks in
instrumentation, process, pneumatic, hydraulic, gas and other tubing systems.
Brennan’s Double-Ferrule and Single-Ferrule Tube Fittings are easy to install
and require no special tools. They are reusable several times and can withstand heavy impulse and vibration in both vacuum and pressure systems.
While the double-ferrule design is more popular, there are situations where single-ferrule fittings are preferred.
Where there is a higher degree of vibration or pulsation, single-ferrule designs are preferred over double-ferrule fittings. Some users feel that the single-ferrule design performs better in such applications.
The basic Double-Ferrule Tube Fitting is a four-piece fitting consisting of the nut, back ferrule, front ferrule and the body. When installed, it becomes a five-piece connection with the addition of the tubing to provide a solid leak-free joint.

• Self-aligning

• Work on thick and thin wall tubing

• Resist vibration

• Work on a variety of tube materials

• All components are made of the same material for thermal

compatibility and corrosion resistance

• Resist temperature cycling

• Compensate for the variables encountered in the tube

and materials

• Do not significantly reduce flow area



• Work in vacuums, as well as at low and high pressures

• Seal at low cryogenic temperatures, as well as elevated temperatures

rated for the tube

• Seal consistently over a wide range of temperature cycling

• Seal repeatedly under both make and remake conditions

• Resist pressure beyond the tubing burst point

Brass, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel available in Double Ferrule (N) And Single Ferrule (NS). 









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