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Test Point Fittings

For those times when you need a quick coupling to monitor and control pressure, vent a system or draw samples, look to Brennan.
The company that offers more hydraulic fittings than anyone now offers Test Point fittings to let you test systems at working pressures.
They’re ideal for hydraulic oils and other mineral-based fluids used in off-road mobile equipment.
Test Point fittings connect easily to measurement, control and switching devices, so you can make connections quickly.
The connection is leak-proof before the ball check is open to minimize contamination of the hydraulic system. A self-locking metal cap further protects the system.
Brennan offers Test Point fittings in a wide range of styles and sizes. All are in stock now and available for immediate delivery. And all feature the same consistent quality you’ve come to expect from Brennan.
See the PDF File for the catalog. See the Datasheet for a chart of available fittings.



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