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Tube And Pipe Clamps

Standard-Duty Clamps
Standard-Duty Clamps are used in installations that have average loading with relatively light vibration within the system. These clamps are ideal for machine and tool applications, as well as in instrumentation plumbing.
On equipment with little or no vibration, Standard-Duty Clamps can be used without the top plate to save on expenses. In applications with relatively light to moderate vibration, these clamps can be used with a top plate for
additional support.
Brennan Standard-Duty Clamps are also available for mounting on rails using rail nuts. The rails are available in a variety of lengths and are useful for multiple clamping on a single base.
They also allow clamping flexibility where the pitch between the pipe or tubing is uneven. Rail-mounted pipe clamps can be used with or without the top plate, depending on the application.
Standard-Duty Clamps are available for pipe sizes up to 2" O.D.
Heavy-Duty Clamps
Brennan Heavy-Duty Clamps are used in installations where heavier pipe and higher vibrations exist. They are typically used for trench layouts that are exposed to weather conditions.
Heavy-Duty Clamps are available with weld-plate mounting for all sizes, as well as for rail-mounting with special rail nuts for sizes up to 2-1/2" O.D. Brennan’s standard mounting rail length is 1 meter (39-7/8") and are economical for multiple mountings on a single rail.
Both weld-plate and rail-mounting designs are available for applications where the top plate is in view of heavy vibration and loading. Heavy-Duty Clamps with polypropylene bodies are available for pipe sizes up to 8" NB (tube sizes up to 8-1/2" O.D.).
Brennan Heavy-Duty Clamps are also available in vertical mounting and horizontal multi-clamp arrangement, either back-to-back or as a twin assembly on a single weld plate.
Both Standard-Duty and Heavy-Duty Clamps are offered in other mounting forms for compact, efficient plumbing where the installation has multiple lines stacked vertically or horizontally. They can both be used in horizontal back-to-back mounting where excessive vibration is encountered.
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