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Humphrey Stainless Cylinders

Stainless Steel Series cylinders from 1/2" bore to 2 1/2" bore use stainless steel tubing, drawn and polished to provide ideal lube holding, low friction internal surface
Matte finish on outside.
Aluminum heads are attached to stainless steel tubes with Humphrey roll forming process to achieve secure attachment.
Piston rods are centerless ground accuracy stock stainless steel as standard on all models.
Unique piston permits same overall dimensions with or without bumpers using "V" seals designed for constant cylinder tube contact eliminating seal collage and blow-by.
Double acting Model D Series require air pressure to extend and retract the rod. Use 4-way (or two 3-way) valves to actuate. Note: Extend force exceeds retract force as rod reduces piston effective area.
Cylinder Options : side ported rear head (A), bumpers (B), low frictions seals (E), fluorocarbon seals for high temperature applications (F), rotate front head 90 degrees from rear port (J), rotate front head 180 degrees from rear port (K), rotate front head 270 degrees from rear port (L), internal piston magnet (M), wearstrip (N), polypak rod seals for low pressure applications (P), rod wiper (W).
Internal Piston Magnet (Option M) permits use of Reed or Hall Effect sensor switches to sense piston location/cylinder stroke, which will control cylinder motion or other electrical devices. See LEARN MORE section.
DX Deluxe Rod Cylinders Program options offer 15 standard variations to rod end configuration.
  • Medium: Air or oil. Consult factory for others.
  • Pressure Range: 0-200 psig or 0-100 psig by media.
  • Maximum stroke: 12"
  • Accessories are available.
  • Mounting nut furnished except for Models 3 and 4.
  • Made in the USA.

8-D, bore 1/2"

7-D, bore 3/4"

6-D, bore 1-1/16"

25-D, bore 1-1/4"

5-D, bore 1-1/2"

75-D, bore 1-3/4"

4-D, bore 2"

3-D, bore 2-1/2"    






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