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HG010 Direct Acting, ports M3, Cv 0.01




The HG010 Series features miniature, lightweight, 10mm direct acting solenoid valves.
Ideal for piloting larger pneumatic or process control valves, or for operating small, single acting cylinders.
Available inline or manifold mount (2-20 stations), HG010 valves are M3 ported three way, normally closed, as standard.
They are offered in a variety of voltages and electrical connections, and are equipped with a manual override, as standard.

• Compact Size

• Three Direct Acting Types: "Standard" (1w, 0.01 Cv); "Low Current" (0.5w, 0.005 Cv); "High Flow" (3.2w, 0.03 Cv)

• Continuous Duty rated coil.

• Options: Vacuum service, 2-Way, Normally Open, Mounting Base.


Flow: 1 CFM @ 100 PSI

Pressure range: 0-102 PSI

Filtration: 40 micron

Available as an inline valve or on a manifold up to 20 stations





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