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Koganei Air Gun Type Ionizer

Koganei Air Gun Type Ionizer
Air Gun Type DTRY-ELG11 has tripled air flow (our in-house comparison) and greatly improved capacity to eliminate undesired particles.
A compact high-voltage power supply and a discharge electrode are incorporated, and it can instantly remove static charges and blow away particles.
It is very helpful to improve the yield and productivity of production lines due to the elimination of static charges and particles generated in the assembling, manufacturing, processing and repairing processes.
  • The product has a 250g lightweight body, and
  • designed for easy holding.
  • High frequency AC system is highly effective
  • at removing charges, and ion balance adjustment
  • is not needed.
  • Highly flexible robot cables are used for connection.
  • AC adapter is attached.
  • The product can be used for various applications
  • from electronic part assembly in FA, to
  • general manufacturing.



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