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Koganei Compact Type Ionizer

Koganei Compact Type Ionizer

○High-voltage wiring and controller are not required. All-in-one unit ionizer has

high-voltage power source and built-in potential sensor.

○Compact body is just 25 mm × 35 mm [0.984×1.378 in]

○Uses potential sensor to adjust positive or negative ion output for ionizer.

○Dedicated monitors used to constantly monitor electrostatic charge

Compact high-voltage power source built in
Compact body fits anywhere

Body size is 25 × 35 mm [0.984×1.378 in]

Compact body allows for fl exible mounting options in

any layout.

No high-voltage cables and no separate controller

installation required.

Connect potential sensor for Faster Decay Times
Ion polarity adjustments can be made based on output of potential sensor to eliminate static charge faster than standard ionizers.
Potential sensor checks surface or part after ionizer used to ensure proper static removal.


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