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Koganei Blow Type Ionizer

New release of DTY-ELK01 Series: Standard type, Air-saving type, and Low particle generation type!

The ionizer makes an excellent ion balance by a high frequency AC method. A wide range of nozzles is available for removing static charges from workpieces with pinpoint accuracy or from wide workpieces, etc.
Controller unit is available for controlling both power and air supplies of the ionizer and making an ionized airflow intermittently
Easy Maintenance
Discharging needle unit is removable for cleaning and replacement.
Nozzle can be easily fixed to the ionizer with a pin.
Status LED
Status of the ionizer can be checked by LEDs and output signals.
Direct Mounting
The ionizer can be directly mounted with its three mounting holes.

Standard type (DTY-ELK01)

Air-saving type (DTY-ELK01-S)

Low particle generation type (DTY-ELK01-L)

Controller Unit (DTY-ZKCRU)  The unit can be used only for DTY-ELK01 Series







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