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Pneumadyne Air Jets

Pneumadyne’s Air Jets, commonly referred to as Air Nozzles or blow off nozzles, are used in pneumatic control systems to deliver a narrow, directable stream of air or lubricant to a specific location within a machine.
The modular design of our Air Jet system is one of the features that make it adaptable to an unlimited number of applications.
The Pneumadyne Advantage:

60 possible combinations

Durable brass construction

1/16 & 1/32 orifice options

Several lengths & configurations

Convenient Air Jet Holder available

Flow rates of 1.5 & 6.5 scfm at 125 psi


An Air Jet consists of some or all of the following components:

Nozzle: Two orifice sizes (1/16 and 1/32) are available to control the amount of air or lubricant delivered to an area within the system. Straight and bent configurations are offered for plumbing convenience. A metal ball at the end of the nozzle eases rotation and alignment when installed on the Air Jet Base.

Base: Durable brass bases are offered in three sizes for installation convenience. For applications requiring controlled flow, the end of the Air Jet Base features a 10-32 (F) thread to accommodate our Mini Needle Valve.

Nut: The Air Jet Nut locks the Nozzle in place when positioned on the Air Jet Base. A notch in the nut also provides greater versatility for the positioning of the Air Nozzle.

Holder: Pneumadyne’s Air Jet Holder is ideal for mounting the nozzle assembly within the application. Manufactured from aluminum, the holder is black anodized for corrosion resistance.

Manifold: The introduction of the brass manifold to the Air Jet assembly provides an innovative method of controlling up to six Air Jets from a single location.

Needle Valve: Pneumadyne’s Mini Needle Valve is ideal for controlling the rate of flow from the Air Nozzle.


Originally developed to enhance the productivity of vibratory feeder bowls, Pneumadyne’s Air Jets are used in a wide variety of systems including:

Cooling Applications – Air Jets can be directed at a drill bit to reduce the heat generated by friction.

Moving Applications – Commonly used as blow off nozzles to keep dust off of an optical lens or to move parts off of a production line.

Lubricant Applications – Pneumadyne Air Jets are ideal for lubricating gears in an overhead conveyor.


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