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Numatics Vacuum Accessories

Numatics also offers several other vacuum accessories, such as vacuum filters, check valves, silencers, and cables.
Vacuum Filters - NVFTX Series
Vacuum filters are used to protect the vacuum generators (typically electric vacuum pumps) from foreign matter that could damage the pump. These filters with 80µ elements can be used to filter vacuum or compressed air up to 7 bar.
Vacuum Filters - NVFIX Series
In-line vacuum filters for use in vacuum systems within lower levels of dirt. This type of filter can be easily installed via a simple hose connection. It works very well for installations on individual suction cups that are picking up dirty work pieces.
Check Valves - NSVK and NSVKG Series
The Numatics vacuum check valves are typically used in applications where some of the suction cups might not be in contact with the work piece. In these cases, the check valve will react and shut off the unused suction cup.


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