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Numatics Vacuum Specialty Grippers

Numatics Specialty grippers are used in applications where it is not possible or practical to use a suction cup. Numatics specialty gripper product line includes magnetic grippers that are a bi-stable design, which means the “grip” or “release” are maintained in the event of power loss.
The specialty gripper product line also includes floating grippers; specially designed for low contact handling of work pieces.
Magnetic Grippers - NSGMX Series
The NSGMX series is a magnetic gripper that is provides a great solution for applications where suction cups are not practical. This type of gripper is used for handling ferromagnetic work pieces.
This gripper is lightweight and provides for safe gripping via a permanent magnet. No electric power is required. Examples of applications include perforated metal sheets, laser-cut work pieces and metal sheets with holes.
Floating Grippers - NSBSX Series
The Numatics NSBSX series floating gripper is designed for handling thin delicate work pieces without deforming them. It generates vacuum based on the Bernoulli principle. It has a high flow rate and low vacuum.
This floating gripper is available in diameter sizes from 30mm to 60mm. Examples of applications includes the handling of very porous materials, such as circuit boards or highly sensitive work pieces like wafers or solar cells.


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