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Numatics Vacuum Large Area Grippers

The NFX Series large area gripper is designed to handle work pieces with a wide range of dimensions and/or undefined positions. The frame is made of extruded aluminum and is available with a foam pad or suction cups. This innovative product provides you with a reliable means of handling work pieces that have several gaps. Typical work-piece materials include, cardboard, wood, metal or plastic.
Large Area Gripper – NFX Series
The NFX Series large area gripper is designed to handle a wide range of work piece dimensions and/or undefined positions. This product provides a reliable solution for handling work pieces with gaps. It works extremely well in handling cardboard, metal, wood, plastic and glass. The NFX gripper comes standard with integrated multi-stage ejectors.
  • Extruded aluminum frame/profile
  • Integrated functions built-in to end covers
  • Integrated plug-in ejector; easily replaceable
  • Sealing plate
  • Available with foam pad or suction cups
  • Hole spacing on foam is 18 mm
  • Foam height is 20 mm s Suction cups – 1.5 Bellows –
  • Packaging type;Elastodur material
  • Available with two different valve configurations
  • (SVK & SWX)
  • Cost effective design (SWX) -
  • Flow Resistor Technology
  • Fast cycle times and rough work pieces (SVK)
Robust aluminum structure provides strength, but also light weight allowing for fast cycle times.


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