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Numatics Vacuum Suction Cups

Numatics offers a wide range of suction cups for different industries and applications; available in various sizes, shapes and materials suitable for handling all types of work pieces (air tight and porous).
Numatics suction cups offering includes specially designed cups for the automotive (sheet metal), packaging, food and beverage, and a wide range of other industries. Numatics suction cups are robust and specially designed for extended life, thus providing you with a more reliable and cost effective solution. 

Flat Round Suction Cups – NPFYN Series

Flat Round Suction Plates – NSPUX Series

Flat Oval Suction Cups – NSGON Series

Round 1.5 Bellows Suction Cups – NFSGA Series

Round 2.5 Bellows Suction Cups – NFSGX Series

Flat Round Suction Cups (Automotive) – NSAFX Series

Flat Oval Suction Cup (Automotive) – NSAOF Series

Round 1.5 Bellows Suction Cup (Automotive) – NSABX Series

Flat Round Suction Cups (Plastic Film & Paper) - NSGPN Series

NSPFX Series (Flat Round Suction Cups)

NSPB4 Series (Round 4.5 Bellows Suction Cups)

NSPB1 Series (Round 1.5 Bellows Suction Cups)

NSPOB Series (Oval 1.5 Bellows Suction Cups)

Round 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 Bellows Suction Cups for Eggs - NEFGX Series

Round Bell Shaped Suction Cup for Candy - NSPGX Series







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