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Numatics Disposable In-Line Filters

Disposable In-Line Filters – High Efficiency Miniature Filtration Products
Numatics disposable in-line filters include the PL Series polyurethane straight and nylon dual barbed styles as well as the PT Series nylon straight and 90 degree barbed styles. Both offer coalescing and particulate element grades.
Our PH and PX Series extended polyester housings offer particulate as well as HEPA and ULPA elements grades. The PH Series also offers a clear polycarbonate desicant dryer option utilizing blue silica gel. The all metal MF Series also offers both coalescing and particulate element grades. 

Numatics Disposable In-Line Filters Standard Products Include:

PLT Series Straight ¼ “ Style

PLB Series Dual Barb for ⅛ or ¼ “ Tubing

PTB Series Straight for ⅛ “ Tubing

PTBN Series 90 Degree for ⅛ “ Tubing

PH02 Series High Flow Housing¼ NPTF

PH02B Series High Flow Housing ½” Barb (Outlet Only)

PX02 Series Extended Housing ¼ NPTF

PHS02 Series Desicant High Flow Housing ¼ NPTF

MF05 Series Metal Housing ¼ NPTF

Numatics Disposable In-Line Filters Options & Features Include:

PL Series Coalescing Element Grades 0.01, 0,3, 0.5, 1.0 Micron

PL Series Particulate Grade 5.0 Micron, Carbon & Silica Gel

PT Series Coalescing Element Grades 0.01, 0,3, 0.5, 1.0 Micron

PT Series Particulate Grade 5.0 Micron

PL & PT Series Options for Oil Indicating Dye & PTFE Binder

PH & PX Series Particulate Grade 3.0 Micron Pleat

PH & PX Series HEPA High Efficiency & ULPA Ultra Low Particulate Air

PHS & PHX Series Dryers Integral 3.0 Micron Pre & After Filters

PHS & PHX Series Blue Silica Gel turns pinks indicating replacement







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