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Numatics Delta 901 Series Premium Filters

The Numatics Delta Series™ offers premium filtration for applications which require high flows. The standard aluminum end caps on every element, premium manual drain, seals made of FKM, and available 3 micron internal pleated prefilter sets the Delta Series™ apart from other competitors.


Inner core - Prevents element from collapsing in backflow conditions

Optional internal pleated prefilter - 3.0 micron media protects the fine borosilicate fibers from large particles, extending the life of the coalescing media

Inner media wrap - Allows crossflow of gas which initiates the coalescing process

Media - Three coalescing media choices for best performance. Proprietary glass fiber blend combines low differential pressures and high efficiencies with maximum holding capacity (3 micron particulate and adsorbing grade also available)

Outer media wrap - Allows crossflow of gas and improves performance

Metal retainers - Supports the media both inside and outside during pressure spikes or high differential pressures

Drain layer - Large pore fibers allow the large coalesced liquids to drain to the bottom of the bowl

End caps - Aluminum end caps provide sturdiness and durability. The design of the bottom caps make inserting a new filter element easy.







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