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Numatics ISO 6432 Series, 8mm-63mm Bore

The ISO 6432 Series is a metric, ISO standard, mini cylinder line. The ISO 6432 Series includes a multitude of standard features and benefits.
Standard Specifications:

Mini cylinders with piston diamter from 8 mm to 25 mm correspond to standard ISO 6432 CETOP RP 52 P

Bore sizes from 8 mm to 63 mm

Nominal pressure rating is 150 psi air (10 bar)

Standard temperature -10°F to 165° F(-23° C to 74° C)

Adjustable cushions


Multitude of standard stroke lengths

Single and Double Acting

Single and Double Rod

Self-lubricating rod bushing with a low coefficient of friction for smooth actuation.

Standard Options Include:

Magnetic Piston

Adjustable Cushions


All Stainless Steel Construction

High Temperature Seals







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