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Numatics A Series Aluminum NFPA, 1 1/2"- 6" Bore

Numatics A Series Aluminum NFPA, 1 1/2"- 6" Bore
The A Series is an aluminum NFPA Interchangeable cylinder line that is designed and built to excel in the most demanding applications. The A Series encompasses many value-added features such as an extra long graphite filled cast iron rod bushing and a standard oversized wear band that is located on the rear of the piston.
Additionally, the A Series includes the well-proven "T" Seal piston seal configuration made from carboxilated nitrile with self-lubricating PTFE® compound. These are just a sample of the features that make the A Series the Superior NFPA Interchangeable air cylinder line.
Standard Specifications:

Meets NFPA specifications

Bore sizes from 1-1/2" through 6" ( 8" through 14" are Large Bore A Series)

Piston rod diameters from 5/8" to 1-3/4" (1-3/8" through 2-1/2" for Large Bore A Series)

Nominal pressure rating is 250 psi air

Standard temperature -10°F to 165° F(-23° C to 74° C)

NPTF ports

Flexible port and cushion location

Multitude of mounting options

  • The file hard (60 RC) high strength aluminum alloy tube provides a smooth corrosion free sealing surface and excellent abrasion resistance
  • Head and cap are machined from (6061-T6) solid aluminum bar and anodized for corrosion resistance. A recess at the piston mating surface allows the air to work on a larger effective piston area for faster breakaway
  • The longer cast iron rod bushing provides maximum load bearing support. The graphite-filled material offers the best bearing surface with hard chrome plated piston rod.
  • The carboxilated nitrile with PTFE compound is used in the rod seal. The rounded lip design insures proper sealing and long life for no lube added service.
  • Rod wiper construction is a highly durable polyurethane.
  • High strength steel (100,000 psi minimum yield) piston rod has a ground, polished and hard chrome plated surface providing maximum life of bushing and seals.
  • The bushing retainer allows cartridge removal without disassembly.
  • Tie rods are 100,000 psi minimum yield steel for maximum holding power. Tie rod threads are rolled for strength and engagement.
  • The extra wide wear band is located at the furthest point from the rod bushing to support maximum loading.
  • The solid aluminum alloy piston is strong and lightweight.
  • The floating cushion design gives the fastest stroke reversal possible by providing instantaneous full flow to piston. Each cushion has a flush, retained adjustment needle.
  • The tube seals are compression type and reusable.
  • Improved port design allows increased flow rate.


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