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Gast VG-022-00-00 Max Vacuum 17 in-Hg, Max Flow 6.8 CFM

For those vacuum applications where a regular vacuum pump may not be preferred, Gast Vacuum Generators provide an excellent alternative. Choose from 27 chemical and corrosion resistant models capable of achieving up to 27 in. Hg (99 mbar) with vacuum flow rates ranging from 0.2 to 158 cfm (0.3 to 268.5 m3/h).
Single or multi stage designs offer several options, including High Vacuum, High Flow, combination High Performance, and Severe Duty Series.
Also available are vacuum cups in flat and bellows, threaded or "slip fit" mounting options, with diameters from 1/4 to 57/8 in.
  • Envelope Insertion/Extraction
  • Evacuation of Volatile Vapors
  • Aspiration
  • Carton Forming
  • Robotic Pick and Place
  • Any number of other vacuum applications where pump size, noise level or high-temperature environment are considerations.
Performance Summary
Max Flow (60 Hz)
6.8 cfm (11.6 m3/h)
Max Pressure
Max Vacuum
17 in-Hg (420 mbar)







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