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Fabco-Air FKHL Wide Parallel Grippers



Fabco-Air FKHL Wide Parallel Grippers
The FKHL Series are parallel pneumatic grippers. The compact design of the FKHL Series is ideal for various size work-piece applications.
A dual piston mechanism synchronized by a rack-and- pinion delivers high grip force with great precision.

Available in 5 bore sizes: 10mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, and 32mm

Magnetic piston is standard

Standard rod scrapers for dust and debris protection.

Oil impregnated sleeve bearings encased in steel on all units.

Integrated sensor slots in the gripper body enable easy mounting of sensors for both "open" and "closed" position sensing.

Aluminum gripper body is hard-coated to ensure abrasion and to combat corrosion.

No additional lubrication is required.



Operating pressure ranges from 15 psi to 87 psi.

Operating media is compressed air.

Repeatability: +/- 0.2mm

Effective Gripping Force at 72 psi:

10mm Bore: 3.1 lbf

16mm Bore: 10.1 lbf

20mm Bore: 16.6 lbf

25mm Bore: 29.4 lbf

32mm Bore: 51.2 lbf





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