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Fabco-Air Pancake II Direct Interchange




The Pancake® II Direct Interchange Air Cylinders


For over 40 years our famous Pancakes® have dominated as the world's first compact air cylinder line.
Today, backed by decades of engineering and manufacturing innovation, our new Pancake II composite body air cylinders continue in the pancake tradition with a wide selection of models and options.

Packed with value

Stainless steel tie bolts and aluminum spacers lock precision machined heads tightly around a unique, high strength, composite cylinder barrel. The barrel's extremely smooth, self-lubricating interior surface insures highly reliable performance and extended seal life.


It's high impact resistance reduces chances of cylinder failure due to dings or dents. Zero slip-stick avoids problems that metal cylinders encounter when the sit in a static condition for extended periods of time. Combined with hard chrome plated stainless steel piston rods and a unique, nonmetallic rod bearing, the new Fabco-Air cylinder assembly assures optimal operation and longer product life.



Cross reference your Bimba Flat I model numbers to Fabco-Air Pancake II

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