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Rotomation CL5 Swing Clamp



Rotomation CL5 Swing Clamp
The CL5 hydraulic swing clamp is used specifically to automate the clamping of parts onto machine tables or fixtures. Like our pick & place actuators (e.g. PA2), the linear and rotary sections are independently-controlled.
This feature allows the clamp to be stowed in the retracted position, out of the way of tools or part changing activity, which is an important advantage over typical cam-operated swing clamps.
With aluminum body/cap and chrome-plated stainless steel rod, it is designed to stand up to aggressive flood coolants.

Ideal for full control on demanding clamping applications

Strokes up to 8 inches with up to 520 pounds of clamping force

Rotation is fixed to 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise

Chrome-plated stainless steel 3/4" diameter rod

Standard rod end with flats, keyway and tapped hole - send drawing for special rod ends

Nickel-plated aluminum body, black anodized aluminum end cap, and stainless hardware



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