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Koganei RAPS Rotary Actuator



Koganei RAPS Rotary Actuator
Koganei compact Rotary Actuators are rack and pinion type, ensuring reliable operation and minimal backlash.
The RAPS series is offered in four sizes from 0.87 to 17.4 in-lb of torque, and five swing angle choices.
Single sided, carbon steel shaft is standard with options that include double sided and/or stainless steel shaft.
Magnetic pistons are standard for sensor switch operation.
Mount RAPS via body or end cap mounting threads.

RAPS1: 1 Kgf-cm (0.87 lb-in)

RAPS55 Kgf-cm (4.4 lb-in)

RAPS10  10 Kgf-cm (8.8 lb-in)

RAPS20  20 Kgf-cm (17.4 lb-in)


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