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Koganei MG Mini-Guide Sliders



Koganei MG Mini-Guide Sliders

The Mini-Glide Sliders are highly precise, miniature actuators utlizing an integrated cross-roller bearing rail for precise movement and excellent load bearing capability.

Sensor type (S) is standard and includes a magnetic piston and sensor rail for end-of-stroke position sensor.

Stainless steel tables and bodies are standard.

Left-right symmetry available for all types.


Additional variations include:

  • Buffer (extended stroke built-in spring mechanism absorbs delicate work piece impact shock);

  • Rear Piping (locates air fittings and tubing at the rear and away from the work piece);

  • End Keep (on lifting applications, the End Keep is available to prevent the work piece from falling when loss or insufficient pressure has occurred);

  • Clean System (a vacuum port draws away contaminants present on the piston rod)

  • Shock Absorbers (optional on bore sizes 10, 12, 16 and 20. Or consider metal or rubber stoppers)

  • Sensor Switches (select from variety of Reed or Non-Contact Sensor Switches when end-of-stroke feedback is desired)

Bore Sizes (mm):

  • 4.5, 6, 8, 10 12, 16, 20


  • MGA Double Acting Standard

  • MGAP Double Acting, Extended Side Stroke Adjustment

  • MGAE Double Acting, Extended and Retracted Stroke Adjustment

  • MGAG Double Acting with Buffer

  • MGAL Double Acting Side-Mounted

  • MGAPG Double Acting, Extended Side Stroke Adjusting Cylinder with Buffer

  • MGAEG Double Acting, Extended/Retracted Side Stroke Adjusting Cylinder with Buffer

  • MGALG Double Acting, Side-Mounted Cylinder with Buffer

  • MGAK Double Acting, with End Keep

  • MGAGK Double Acting with Buffer End Keep    








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