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500 Series 1/2" and 3/4" Air Pilot Operated

Air piloted valves of this series are of either double diaphragm poppet design (500 and 590) or of piston poppet design (501). 500 and 590 Series valves requjire no lubrication and are ideal for use with instrument air or other media which prohibit lubrication.
They have no sliding seals subject to cuts, metal seals subject to scratches, or O-rings subject to damage or replacement, so they are also ideal for use with contaminated media and a unaffected by compressor varnish.
501 Series valves requirel ubrication and offer the convenience of straight-line plumbing. 4-way vavles are also available in the 501 Series.
500 and 501 Series valves have full 0.500 inch orifices.
590 Series has a full 0.625 orifice.

500A Cv is 2.7 with 1/2" ports

501A Cv is 3.5 with 1/2" ports

590A Cv is 3.7 with 3/4" ports



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