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310 Series Direct Acting, 1/8" NPT, Cv 0.15



The 310 Series Solenoid Valves have 1/8 PIPE ports, 9/64" orifice.

Direct-acting single solenoid valves using balanced poppet design for lower power and higher flow.

Small size and lightweight.

Available in multi-purpose, 2-way, and 3-way versions

Made in the USA.


Media: Air, vacuum, and other inert gases.

Pressure: 0-125 PSIG. Vacuum models available.


Inline Model:

310 Solenoid Valve.


Stackable Model:

S310 Solenoid Stackable Valve


Manifold Model:

M310 Solenoid Manifold Valve


Vacuum Models:

V310 Solenoid Vacuum Valve







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