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IDEC L6 Oversized

The L6 Oversize Operator Series of pushbuttons and pilot devices are ideal for gloved personnel and provide an alternative to 22mm pushbuttons when 16mm panel cutouts are required. Oversize button heads for round, square, mushroom, selector and key switches. 

Available with termination as 0.110" solder-tab / quick-connect or with PCB terminals. Locking lever removable contacts facilitate wiring harnesses or PCB applications to reduce wiring time.

Snap action contacts are available in either SPDT or DPDT configuration, and illuminated units are available with either LED or incandescent lamps that use an industry standard T1-3/4 midget flange base lamp. Models include illuminated and non-illuminated pushbuttons, pilot lights, selectors, key switches, a piezo buzzer, pushbutton selector, and several positive action IEC Compliant Emergency Stop switches.
Key Features:

5/8” (16mm) mounting holes

Locking lever removable contact blocks

Solder terminal or PCB terminal options

Available assembled or as sub-components

Worldwide approvals

Incandescent or LED illumination

Snap action contacts







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