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IDEC A6 Series

The A6 series of pushbuttons and pilot devices offer a very competitive price and simple construction in a space saving package.
Features include snap action, double throw contacts, with gold plating for reliable low level switching. Ideal for such applications as PLC inputs, logic level switching, or anywhere space is at a premium.
Offered in three styles (round, square, or rectangular), all units are terminated via .110" quick connect / solder tabs. LED illumination includes a built-in current limiting resistor, and gasketed lenses provide an IP65 watertight / oiltight panel seal. Models include illuminated and non-illuminated pushbuttons, pilot lights, selectors, key switches, and a push-lock/turn-reset switch.
Key Features:

Super bright LED Illumination

Momentary, Maintained, Selector, Key, Pilot Light and Push-Lock/Turn-Reset Functions

Gold-clad silver snap acting contacts for reliable low level switching

IP40 (dustproof) or IP65 (oiltight) versions

.110" solder/quick connect termination

UL Recognized, CSA Certified







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