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IDEC A8 Series

The A8 series of switches and pilot devices offer the extreme in space savings. With only an 8mm panel cutout, they are ideal for high density or very small control panels such as handheld devices. Low level snap acting contacts are ideal for PLC inputs, timer triggers, sensor triggers, or any other type of logic level switching.
LED lamps are replaceable unlike most other switches and pilot lights of similar size. With a choice of round square or rectangular button heads, 5 colors, and either momentary or maintained (push-on/push-off) action there is sure to be a model to meet your needs.
Key Features

8mm round mounting hole

Choice of round, square or rectangular bezels

Gold-clad silver snap action contacts for reliable low-level switching

LED illumination

IP40 degree of protection (dustproof)

UL recognized, CSA certified









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