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LinkTech Quick Couplings

LinkTech provides reliable, high quality, cost effective quick coupling solutions, hose fittings and plastic tubing connectors to customers throughout the world. LinkTech offers a wide range of standard and unique custom couplings designed to address specific customer requirements.
LinkTech’s management team has over 26 years experience in producing and marketing LT couplings to the world market. By applying lean manufacturing practices, LinkTech is able to supply the highest quality LT couplings for the lowest possible cost.
Because of our commitment to excellence, LinkTech is rapidly becoming the number one choice for quick couplings, LT connectors, and quick disconnects. LinkTech maintains a continual commitment to innovation and is constantly upgrading its coupling products and processes to ensure the most reliable, cost effective solution for your needs.
New Products include:
  • 30AC Small All PLastic Series Couplings
  • 60 Series UV Resistant Couplings
  • 65PS Series Large Flow Couplings
  • 60PS Series Large Flow Couplings
  • 60PP Series Large Flow Couplings
  • Dual Tube Couplings
  • 50PP Series Couplings
  • Radel PPSU Quick Couplings for Surgical Sterilization Units
  • Twist Lock Couplings
  • Anti-Rotational plugs to prevent coupling rotation
  • Push-In Couplings
  • Almond Polypropylene Couplings
  • 50BAC Series Breakaway Connectors for Medical Devices
  • 10AC-BLK Series Couplings
  • 100 Series Multiple Port, Ten Fluid Lines


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