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410 Series Direct-Acting, 1/8" NPT, Cv 0.15




The 410 Series Solenoid Valves have 1/8 pipe ports.
Direct-acting single solenoid valves using balanced poppet design for lower power and higher flow.
Small size and lightweight.
Available in metric sizes. Consult factory.
The 410 Series Valves have several mounting options: Inline, body mounting holes, mounting bracket or one piece manifold on the 410M. The 410M Manifold will accept standard inline 410 valves.
Accessories are available.
Made in the USA.

Inline Models: 410

Stackable Models: S410

Manifold Models: M410


Pressure rating: 0-125, vacuum available
Flow: 10 CFM @ 100 PSI; Cv 0.15
Ambient Temperature; 32F to 125F




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