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Control Air T950XP Explosion-Proof I/P Trans

T950XP Explosion-Proof I/P Transducer
Process reliable and field rugged
Now there's a compact I/P transducer that delivers reliable high performance for the toughest applications in the most hazardous environments: the T950XP from ControlAir.The 950XP converts an electrical current signal to a stable, pneumatic output to actuate valves.
Its NEMA 4X (IP65) housing is designed for both Intrinsically Safe* and Explosion-Proof* operation. Advanced circuitry includes electronic feedback control for superior vibration protection and highly accurate output.
With flow rates up to 12 SCFM(20m3/hr), the 950XP has the muscle to drive large valves and actuators.
Yet because it typically consumes only .05 SCFM (0.11m3/hr), it not only costs less to buy, it costs less to operate as well. And because it takes impure air in stride, downtime is reduced, too.
The 950XP gives you big flexibility. Its small footprint can fit into tight spots. Its standard mounting bracket lets you mount it directly on a valve, wall, panel, or pipe. Optional, field-selectable process output ranges reduce downtime and inventory.
And since the 950XP is position insensitive, it gives you even more freedom in mounting and connecting to valves and instruments. As a result of this flexibility, installation goes faster.
Easy access Zero and Span adjustments make bench or field calibration quick and easy. For operating versatility, you may choose direct, reverse, and split range modes.
Functional Specifications
4-20 mA
3-15 psig 0.20-1.00 BAR
3-27 psig 0.20-1.80 BAR
6-30 psig 0.40-2.00 BAR
Air Consumption
3.0 scfh (0.11 m3/hr) at mid range
Supply Pressure
100 psig (7.0 BAR) maximum
Note: Supply pressure must be a minimum of 5 psig above maximum output
Flow Capacity
4.5 SCFM (7.6 m3/hr) at 25 psig 
(1.7 BAR) supply
12 SCFM (20.0m3/hr) at 100 psig
(7.0 BAR) supply
Temperature Limit
OPERATING: -40° to + 160°F (-40° to + 71°C)
STORAGE: -40° to + 200°F (-40° to + 93°C)
Loop Load, I/P Transducer
7.5 VDC @ 20 mA
260 Ohms @ 70°F
Operating Modes
direct, reverse or split range
Performance Specifications
Hysteresis, and
± 0.10% of span
0.02% of span
Position Effect
No noticeable effect
Vibration Effect
Less than ±1.0% of span under the following conditions: 5-15 Hz @ 0.8 in., constant displacement; 15-500 Hz @ 10g's
Supply Pressure Effect
No noticeable effect
Temperature Effect
±0.045%/°F (0.07%/°C) of span
Reverse Polarity Effect
No damage from reversal of normal supply current 
(4-20 mA) or from misapplication of up to 60 mA
RFI-EMI Effect
Less than .5% of span change in output pressure per En61000-4-3: 1998, Amendment 1, Performance Criterion A
Physical Specifications
Port Sizes
Pneumatic 1/4" NPT
Electric 1/2" NPT
Clean, dry, oil-free, air filtered to 40 micron
Direct wall, panel, or 2" pipe (optional)
Housing: Chromate-treated aluminum with epoxy baked paint. NEMA 4X (IP65)
Elastomers: Buna-N
TrimStainless steel; Brass; Zinc-plated steel
1.8 lbs (.82kg)


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