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For applications requiring extremely quiet and highly efficient operation and simple maintenance, Gast's oilless Linear pumps have found widespread use in the medical, industrial, chemical, environmental, and scientific industries. Performance ranges from .39 to 8.9 cfm (11 to 252 lpm), pressures to 10.5 psig (0.72 bar), vacuum levels to 12.1 in. Hg (603 mbar), with an operating noise level as low as 28 dB(a).
Operation is based upon the principles of electromagnetic oscillation – eliminating the need for sliding parts, minimizing power consumption, and offering high efficiency. Because there are no sliding parts there is no need for lubrication – the exhausted air is always clean and particle-free.

Blood Cuff Monitors

Waste Water Treatment

Environmental Monitoring and Air Sampling

Oxygen Supply for Medical Instruments

Liquid Agitation and Mixing

Hospital Air Mattresses

Medical Nebulizers

Air Supply for Leak Test Equipment

Solder Removal

Automotive Emission Test Equipment

Leak Test Equipment

Scientific and Medical Analysis Equipment

Performance Summary 
Max Flow (50 Hz)
2.6 cfm (76 lpm)
Max Flow (60 Hz)
2.3 cfm (65 lpm)
Max Pressure
5.8 / 5.9 psi (.40 / .41 bar)
Max Vacuum
Power Rating
46 Watts (46 Watts)






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