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Humphrey iDP Series Valves

New from Humphrey, the iDP Series of inert Diaphragm Poppet valves contain features ideal for hazardous liquid applications.  iDP valves are constructed with material suitable for bodily fluids, aggressive chemicals & cleaning fluids and elevated liquid temperatures. 
The engineered diaphragm feature isolates the liquid media from the solenoid element ensuring long life and sustained performance.
Humphrey iDP valves are INERT to these hazardous conditions, unaffected by hostile liquids and gases, and elevated temperatures.
The small, two-way, 300 Series iDP is comprised of a PEEK body material, and either Viton®GF or EPDM diaphragm, configured into an inline and manifold mount. 
The high flow, two way, 350 Series iDP is comprised of either Radel® or Ultem® body material, and Viton®GF or EPDM diaphragm.  



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