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Baumer OR18.GP Series Sensor

Background suppression:
·         Very precise, sharp object identification
·         Detection irrespective of background, shape and surface finish of the objects
·         External Teach and g Teach
·         Baumer PinPoint LED

1. Comfortable and fast teaching procedure with ferromagnetic tool (q Teach); secure and wear free.
2. Comfortable thanks to display LEDs visible from all sides.
3.  Maximum flexibility thanks to uniform housing design for two technologies (ultrasonic and optoelectronic).
4.  Sealed housing for absolute impermeability.
5.  Exact positioning and detection of small parts thanks to Baumer PinPoint LED
Diffuse sensor with background suppression – precise and extremely color-independent:
·         Detects objects with various shapes and surfaces even more reliably
·         Extremely color-independent diffuse sensor with background suppression
·         Standard LED or Baumer PinPoint LED for all accuracy requirements
·         A range of up to 200mm
·         Increased power reserves for reliable operation in demanding conditions
·         Easy and reliable commissioning with q Teach
·         Precise detection of small parts Baumer PinPoint LED
·         High safety: no safety measures necessary
·         Maximum flexibility thanks to uniform housing design for two technologies
·         Safe and wear-free – no moving parts
·         Space saving system planning and installation thanks to compact housing




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