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Baumer PosCon HM

PosCon HM – Calibrated, flexible, simple
PosCon HM is a unique, compact measuring unit for the intelligent height measurement of objects with a resolution of up to 2 µm. PosCon HM provides direct evaluation for efficient check-and-sort and solves critical applications in testing and measuring technology.
Outstanding functions:

Height measurements irrespective of the position of the objects

Resolution up to 2 µm


Measured values displayed in millimeter

5 integrated height measurement modes: Maximum, Minimum, Average, Delta, Standard deviation


Benefits to you:

Reliable measuring without exact positioning of the objects to be measured

High measuring accuracy even under varying ambient light conditions

Fast installation and setup of the calibrated sensor

Highly versatile, compact measuring device without the need for complex external software



All functions are integrated within the sensor, including configurable limit values for each key figure. Reaching a particular limit value triggers the switching output. Tedious function development in external software is no longer required. Application deployment is done by simple parameter setting. Development efforts and installation time can be significantly reduced.    
Thanks to its intelligent functions, PosCon HM provides clever solution for measuring and testing applications based on continuous object geometry comparison.  Thanks to the evaluation algorithms integrated in the sensor, PosCon HM sensors are an efficient alternative for a large number of check-and-sort applications. With PosCon HM quality process can be optimized simply, efficiently and sustainably.







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